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We designed a special version of the famous Claddagh Ring as the logo for this tribute. For at least 300 years, the Irish have been wearing the Claddagh Ring. As everyone knows, the hands on the ring represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty and the heart represents love. Today, the Claddagh also symbolizes for us the unbreakable bonds between Ireland and America, and especially the great city of New York. We have learned, too, that many of those who died on September 11th were wearing Claddagh rings. It is believed the original was designed by Richard Joyce, of Claddagh, County Galway. He was captured by North African pirates, sold into slavery in Tunis, and trained as a master goldsmith. When he was finally released and returned to Ireland, he discovered his true love had waited patiently for him. We’d love you to take one of these logos and place it as a link to our tribute on your website.

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