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Mark Ellis
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Age: 26
Occupation: Police Officer
Worked for: NYPD
Originally from: Huntington
Resided in: Huntington
School: SUNY Farmingdale

Mark was a cousin of one of my best friends. I met him on numerous occasions. He was my age. It's strange to lose a peer because when you're young, you think you're invincible. His bravery that fateful day is respected and admired. At least they could be at peace for the holidayI know how proud his family is of him and how much they miss him. His sister Tammy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy not long after Mark's death. He has the biggest blue eyes and light blonde hair. I saw Mark's parents a few months ago and it made me feel so good to see the joy in their eyes when they talk about their grandson.
Submitted by: Lauren Haley (Friend)

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