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John Ellison
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Age: 36
Occupation: tradesman/craftsman
Worked for: NYC PARKS&REC
Originally from: Long Island
Resided in: Queens &long Island
College: N/A

-First I would like to say that Im sorry for all the people we all lost that day,I may not know anyone Who past but In my heart I lost over 3000 friends thats day I remamber being at work that day coming back to my office and hearing what happen
all I know is that out of know where are site became a place for the firemen and EMS to get the buses to the city,we also started getting are trucks ready for the NYPD and stuff and when it frist happen are phones were not working so I had to fix it so the fireman can make calls from are office.I would have went but it was to much for me so my heart gos out to all my brothes&sisters who work so hard for weeks on end to find whoever they can I love you all for a great Job John Ellison
Submitted by: John Ellison (Friend)

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