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Tara Creamer (nee Shea)
Age: 30
Occupation: Fashion merchandise planner
Worked for: TJMAX
Originally from: Westfield ,Ma.
Resided in: Worcester, Ma.
School: Westfield Public Schools
College: Univ. Massachusetts

Tara, is sadly missed by all her family. She is in heaven with her mother and nephew. You are the greatest!!!
Love Dad

Submitted by: Tara Creamer ()

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Tara Creamer, 30, Worcester, Mass., was an infrequent flier who fretted about leaving her two children, Colin, 4, and Nora, 1. "She was just a kind and loving wife and mother. And she was everything to me and my children," husband John Creamer told The Boston Globe.
-- Jay Dooling (Friend { })
30 Jan 2002

We are cousins of Tara who live in thr Washington, D.C. area. We grew up together and there was a Shea for each Daly child. We always got along so well and will always be close however little our adult selves see of each other, but most summers growing up we spent time with each other either in Westfield or in Silver Spring. We were always laughing and having fun and as we grew we went to each other's weddings. Tara was a beautiful bride walking down the aisle with that lovely, wide, smile--her proud Dad beside her. He gave her to her adoring groom and it was truly a marriage made in heaven. They had 2 lovely children before Tara had to leave them, but her 3 sisters, her Dad and John's wonderful family shower them with love and care. In all these words, written from people all over the world, Nora and Colin will someday know that the world grieved for their Mom that day. God always keep you safe and with your Mom there to help, I think life will finally be good.
TWith much love to all of you who have lost so much. The John Daly Famil
-- Jeanne Marie Daly (Aunt {})
06 Mar 2004

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