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Marianne MacFarlane
Age: 34
Occupation: Customer Service Representive
Worked for: United Airlines
Originally from: Revere,Ma.,USA
Resided in: Revere,Ma.,USA
School: Revere High School
College: Salem State College

-Marianne was my younger sister and the sweetest,caring person I've ever known. She would do any for anybody but if you made her mad she had quite an Irish temper!!
I'll miss her as part of my heart is missing!!
Submitted by: George MacFarlane ()

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Marianne was my first taste of a strong Irish woman. We were roommates while working with Usairways Express. I admired her ethics and her strong character. She was good at keeping a humor outlook during a crisis. I will never forget Marianne keeping her cool while a passenger was yelling at her. I was just imagining what was going on in her head. She loved life and made every moment worthwhile. I was happy for her coming home and announcing she was being promoted to station manager in Bangor Maine. I knew she wanted to be closer to her family. Marianne, I'll always treasure the memories and I pray for your family especially today on Memorial Day. This day is your day!
-- Maria T. Brockel (Gerardo) (Co-worker {})
31 May 2004

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