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Robert Horohoe
Age: 31
Occupation: Vice President Corporate Bonds
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Holmel, NJ
Resided in: New York, NY

I didn't know Robert, but thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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From NY Times Dec 23, 2001

'Robert L. Horohoe Jr.: In Love With His Work'

Robert L. Horohoe Jr. was literally reared to be a corporate bond broker. His father, a former senior executive at Cantor Fitzgerald, kept a Telerate machine in their house and introduced him early to terms like "bid" and "offer."

So when Mr. Horohoe graduated from college and went to work for Cantor Fitzgerald in 1992, it was a natural and seamless progression. "He loved it there," said his brother Michael, who once worked at Cantor as a bond broker. (One sister, Donna Erskine, is also a former Cantor employee.) "People would gripe all the time, but Bobby never complained about going to work so early and leaving late. He was team Cantor."

After 10 years in Battery Park City, where he could see his office from his apartment, Mr. Horohoe, 31, had decided to buy a home in his native Holmdel, N.J., where he spent nearly every weekend at his mother's house, relaxing with his fiancC)e, recounting tales of earlier days with his high school buddies, and playing tennis with fellow weekday city dwellers.

Now, his mother, Patricia, said, "On Friday when I come home, the house is a little empty. Maybe I'm just waiting for him to come through the door and say `Ah, it was a hoax' or something."
-- Anon (Friend { })
29 Jan 2002

Robert is my little brother. September 11 th changed our lives and forever altered our families history. Rob was supposed to be married by now and living his life with Lilia. Rob was supposed to watch his 5 nieces grow up and dance at their weddings. We were suppose to enjoy your childrens baptism, not be at the cementary every week taking care of your grave.Your friends would have helped you move into your big house, we would have had a shower for Lil when it was time for your family to expand. There were so many things that we should have shared. I miss you so much.
your fun sister,
-- trish horohoe (Sister {})
30 Nov 2003

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