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Mark Bavis
Age: 31
Occupation: Scout
Worked for: Los Angles Kings Ice Hockey Team
Originally from:
Resided in:
College: Boston University

I didn't know Mark Bavis but he was a passenger on United Flight 175 which crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center. My brother was also a passenger on that flight. Because of this, I was very interested in an article in the Sept. 24th issue of Sports Illustrated. This article gave insights into Mark and the person he was traveling with, Garnett "Ace" Bailey (he is also listed on this web site). The Sports Illustrated article clearly showed the commitment and dedication both men had to their profession. My brother also posessed these same attributes. I met one of Mark's brothers at Logan Airport shortly after the crash. We were both attending a meeting for families of passengers on the two planes from Boston. We shared a brief conversation about our common grief over loosing a brother. From that point on I felt a common bond. Weeks later when I saw the article in Sports Illustrated I was brought back to that meeting and the person I began to learn about at that time. For this reason, I have listed Mark's name on this web site just as somebody else did with my brother's name. I hope as more people learn about this web site more people will learn about the wonderful people who were taken from us on that day.
Submitted by: David Gowell ()

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