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Matthew Garvey
Age: 37
Occupation: firefighter
Worked for: NYFD
Originally from: Woodside NY
Resided in: Glendale, NY
School: St. Francis Prep
College: Queens

Tragically it took the heroic death of Matt for his family to find out what an extraordinary life he lead.A quiet unassuming man,Matt dedicated his life to public service.After a highly decorated 10 year career in the U.S.M.C.,he joined the NYFD and continued to serve others,most recently as a member of Squad 1.His accomplishments were great although his time was far to short.Matt you made us all very PROUD. God Bless
Submitted by: John ONULLNeill ()

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"Be all that you can be", that was how Matt lead his life. He is truly an inspiration to us all. I'm sure he's looking down from heaven with his notorius smirk and saying don't let our deaths be in vain. Don't worry Matt they won't be. We'll do what we can to make you as proud of us as we are of you. Let freedom reign.
-- Joanie Davis ()
11 Nov 2001

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