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Brian Patrick Williams
Age: 29
Occupation: Broker
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Edgewood, KY
Resided in: New York, N.Y.
School: Covington Catholic High, Park Hills, Kentucky
College: Columbia University '94

I didn't know Brian, but thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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From Columbia Daily Spectator Dec 6, 2001
'Brian Williams, CC '94'

When Brian Williams, CC '94, left the small town of Edgewood, Ky, for the bright lights of New York, he had not completely bloomed into the outgoing individual he would become.

"When he came from Kentucky he was shy and overwhelmed by New York City and even thought about transferring, but after he got involved he liked the city more and more," his former roommate, Brian Hansen, CC C+94, said. "He really came into his own after graduation."

Hansen saw Williams on the first day Williams arrived at Columbia. "You could see him progress mentally and socially [after that day]. People that have known him for awhile and saw him everyday, saw that transformation, but if you didn't see him for three or four years, you didn't recognize him," Hansen said.

Before coming to Columbia, Williams attended Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. He was an active member of the school, especially in athletics, where he earned varsity letters in football, basketball, and track. He was also a member of the National Honor Society.

Williams continued in athletics while at Columbia. He was a member of the football team and started for two seasons at tight end. He also was a member of the Sigma Alpha Nu fraternity. In his free time Williams tutored local students and worked at the Business School Library.

Williams time at Columbia was also marred by tragedy. In 1994 his brother Ken Williams died of injuries he had suffered three years before in a fall. "It was not just losing a brother for him, it was also like losing a role model or father figure," Hansen said. "He is an inner person, so when he did talk about it, he talked about his concern for his parents, other brother and his sister. That was just his personality."

It was after graduation that Williams completely developed into the man that Hansen fondly recalls. During his time at Cantor Fitzgerald, Williams often had to entertain clients and it was these outings that helped him grow into an outgoing individual. Williams' fun-loving nature was also reflected on the bulletin boards at his funeral in Edgewood, where pictures displayed Williams dancing with his mother, holding his baby nephew, and clowning with friends.

"I saw him grow from a boy into a man that everyone respected and trusted," Hansen said.

That respect extended to everybody who knew Williams. "As a father of two girls now, [I can say that] Brian would be the type of guy that I would love for either of my girls to bring home, from his personality, his morality, and all-round just being a fun person," Scott Spivey, who met Williams in the fourth grade, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "He's truly one of the best humans that I've had the pleasure of being around."

Williams is survived by parents Ken and Kate Williams of Edgewood, Ky.; a sister, Tara K. Blessing; a brother, Andrew M. Williams; and his grandparents, Thomas and Florence Burke.
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06 Feb 2002

Memorial Fund

His parents, Ken and Kate Williams of Edgewood, Ky., have established a fund to benefit Covington Catholic High School in memory of their two sons, Brian Williams, who was lost in the World Trade Center attack, and his older brother, Ken, who died in 1994 after an accidental fall at Riverfront Stadium in Kentucky.
The Kenny and Brian Williams Fund
C/o Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Highway
Park Hills, Ky. 41011
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06 Feb 2002

From Cincinnati Enquirer

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06 Feb 2002


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06 Feb 2002

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