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Thomas Kennedy
Age: 36
Occupation: Firefighter Ladder 101
Worked for: New York Fire Department
Originally from:
Resided in: Islip Terrace, NY

I didn't know Tom, but thought his name should be here.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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From NY Daily News Oct 25

Memories in Writing

Thomas Kennedy, one of seven members of Ladder Co. 101 in Red Hook who were killed, was memorialized in services at St. Mary's Catholic Church in East Islip, L.I.

Mourners gather near St. Mary's Church for funeral of Ladder Co. 101 hero Thomas Kennedy.
He lost his life in the lobby of 2 World Trade Center, and fellow firefighters were moved to write their remembrances of him on a legal pad in the firehouse.

Firefighter Artie Fitzpatrick read some of the comments.

One wrote that Kennedy "came to work every day with a smile."

Another wrote that the fallen fireman "never floundered in the face of adversity."

Another remembered how Kennedy talked about the race car bed he bought for his kids, Michael, 2, and James, 11 months.

There was the time a friend called Kennedy for help on his house and Kennedy explained just what the person had to do. Fifteen minutes later, Kennedy was at the house doing it himself.

"He was just a great guy who liked hanging out with the guys," Fitzpatrick recalled. "He liked having a laugh with the guys."

Kennedy's wife, Allison, told more than 1,000 mourners B many of them uniformed officers from around the country B that Tom "would be so proud to see all of us."
-- Anon (Friend)
25 Oct 2001

From NY Times Dec 31, 2001

'Thomas J. Kennedy: Last Wishes, First Steps'

Thomas J. Kennedy had the sort of welcoming face that babies and children love. Wherever he went, they would try to make friends. "He would treat kids as if they were adults," said a brother, Bob. "Then he could play the kid himself, at the same time."

A firefighter with Ladder Company 101 in Brooklyn, Mr. Kennedy, 36, wanted five children of his own. He and his wife, Allison, had two children and planned to have another. Michael is 2, and James turned 1 on Nov. 17.

As a father, Mr. Kennedy cherished his children's bedtime rituals, administering evening baths and reading "Goodnight Moon." He and Michael would drop coins into a piggy bank, because the father was teaching the son the value of saving. This winter, Mr. Kennedy had hoped to take Michael skiing and ice skating, and to see James walk. On Sept. 14, the baby took his first steps. "Now he runs and climbs," said Mrs. Kennedy. "Tom would have loved that."
-- Anon (Friend { })
07 Feb 2002

From NY Newsday September 18, 2001

Firefighter's Toddler Is Asking 'Where's Daddy?'

Bill Kennedy remembers the time, decades ago, when a roof collapsed on him while he was fighting a fire in Brooklyn.

Trapped for 30 minutes below the debris, his fellow firefighters struggling to dig him out, he feared he would "drown with all the water in the place."

That's another reason the past several days have been difficult for Kennedy, as well as the rest of his family, who has been waiting a week for word of what happened to his firefighter son, Tom. The younger Kennedy, 36, of Islip Terrace, was among those who reached the World Trade Center soon after it was hit by the first airliner.

Some members of Tom Kennedy's company in Divison 11, Battalion 32 survived the inferno and later spoke to his wife, Allison, 30. "They were all excited to go to the fire," Allison said. "That's what they live for. I don't imagine that anyone in his right mind could have imagined another plane going through another [tower] building."

The couple has two young sons, Michael, 2, and James, 9 months. His mother said that Michael "is carrying a toy telephone, saying [into the receiver], 'Where's Daddy? What happened to Daddy?'"

Yesterday, much of Tom Kennedy's family, including his parents and his two brothers, was gathered apprehensively at his home, hoping for a happy answer to that question. "Everybody is taking it really hard, [but] you can't give up hope," his father said. "We keep in contact with his firehouse. There's a possibility that he's still alive" in an air pocket under tons of rubble.

Bill Kennedy and his wife, Eileen, Tom's mother, were at their retirement home in Virginia on Tuesday morning and watched the attack on television. "I knew [Tom's] company was going to go there," his father said, since their Brooklyn firehouse is just across the East River from downtown Manhattan. "As soon as we heard [the news], we drove up," he said.

"They were one of the first ones on the scene," Allison Kennedy said.

She spoke of her athletic, 6-foot husband, who loved to ski and often cracked jokes, as a man who never expressed fear. He and his company "didn't have the fear that we, as civilians, would. They didn't ever think they wouldn't come out of a fire - ever."

She added: "I'm hopeful, because he's with people that are experienced. They're all incredible people."
-- Anon (Friend { })
07 Feb 2002

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