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Timothy E. Reilly
Age: 40
Occupation: Vice President
Worked for: Marsh & McLennan
Originally from:
Resided in: New York, N.Y.
School: Iona Prep '78
College: Stonehill College, NY '82

I didn't know Tim, but thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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Timmy always greeted me with an ear to ear smile. I will always remember that. We played basketball against one another while I was at Holy Trinity,later we caddied together at Winged Foot, we were classmates of the graduating class of 1978,Iona Prep.We were both lucky.
I was in Disney World last week and when I was watching the Circle of Life show with my children and wife I started to weep again. I prayed to Timmy for strength and forgiveness. I think my prayer was answered.I smiled, from ear to ear.
When we have our 25th in two years you can be sure we will remember Timmy.Hewill always be in our hearts.
-- Patrick Collins. (Classmate)
11 Nov 2001

Visit http://www.timreilly.com/
-- Anon ()
22 Nov 2001

So many years later and yet so many tears. I miss you baby, I pray for your soul and I wish for you a peaceful rest. A deeper one than those of us left behind.
-- anonymous (Partner {})
25 Jun 2005

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