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Charles Francis Xavier Heeran
Age: 23
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from:
Resided in: Belle Harbor, N.Y.

May God help you on your way, my friend.
Submitted by: Lin Hendrickson ()

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Bernie Heeran had three sons at the WTC the morning of 9/11. Fortunataly, the other two narrowly escaped.

Bernie's business is across the street from where AA flight 587 crashed.

He was interviewed on the Today Show on 11/14/01. It was very moving.

Our prayers go out to him.
-- Jay Dooling ()
14 Nov 2001

Twin Tragedies Take Best Friends

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- They called themselves RIBs, for Rockaway Irish
Boys. They grew up together, went to high school together at Xavier
and attended basketball camp together at Fordham University.

Charlie Heeran, 23, died in the collapse of the World Trade
Center. Two months later, his friend, Chris Lawler, 24, was killed
when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into his Queens home.

New York's nearly unspeakable losses translate into a private
tragedy for Bernie Heeran, Charlie's 52-year-old father.

"My son's gone, now Chris is gone," Heeran said Wednesday,
weeping over photos of the two friends. "You just think what their
plans were. Both of them were going to be very successful and good.
No tattoos, no earrings, no trouble."

Charlie Heeran worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, the bond trading
firm that lost nearly 700 employees in the trade center. Lawler was
in law school at St. John's University.

"Chris was very upset about Charlie, and now we're upset about
Chris," Heeran said in an interview at the Harbor Light Pub, the
family's restaurant in Rockaway Beach.

After the plane crashed Monday, a triage area was set up on the
pub's first floor. Police officers were on the second floor,
working along walls adorned with firefighter memorabilia, family
photos and maritime props.

A converted house, the restaurant held a yearly reunion of the
RIBs. Heeran remembered that Charlie and Chris had agreed to tend
bar there next Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving.

He said he finds some comfort in the idea that the friends have
been reunited.

"Charlie reached out for him and said, `Chris, I missed ya,'"
the grieving father said, repeatedly folding and unfolding one of
the dining room's blue paper placemats.

Besides his son, Bernie Heeran, a retired firefighter, lost
dozens of colleagues on Sept. 11. The neighborhood has been
grieving for weeks after losing many firefighters and Cantor
Fitzgerald employees in the disaster.

"It's amazing because I can be upset about somebody different
every day," Heeran said.

His son had called home after terrorists crashed airliners into
the twin towers, and Heeran had advised him to go to the roof, in
hope of a helicopter rescue. Heeran himself rushed to his old
Brooklyn firehouse in hopes of pitching in, but the trucks were
gone and he was left to see the collapse of the towers on TV.

"I wanted to be there but I was worried about my state of mind,"
he said. "After it happened I wanted to be the one to pick up the
phone when my son called."

Heeran and his wife Barbara have four other children, ages 18 to
26, including Charlie's twin, Billy, who works on Wall Street. The
family waited five days before giving up hope.

"You try not to look back, which is hard to do," Heeran said.
"Don't go too far ahead and just deal with today."

On Monday, Heeran joined the neighborhood's firefighters in
battling fires from the jetliner and looking for survivors. When
those killed on the ground were identified, they included Lawler
and his mother, Kathy. Heeran said he feels for Chris' father, Tom

"At least I had my wife there," Heeran said. "This is different.
With the towers, there were so many people. How could you feel
sorry for yourself?"

After the trade center collapse, Bernie Heeran said, he dreamed
of his son surrounded by the firefighters he knew. Now Lawler is in
the dream, too.
-- anonymous ()
15 Nov 2001

It was a tragedy when we lost you and it has been aweful to have mourned you. It is with deep conviction that I believe you are partially responsible for "the miracle" that saved so many of your friends and neighbors on 11/12. Unfortunately for us ... you needed some help up there and God called on your dear friends Chris and his mom, along with the Concannons and Mr. Pompino. It is with much prayer and faith in God that I believed you were at the gates to greet your neighbors. We know that we have a guardian angel in you and that you will be with us for all our days. Many wish you were here, but God needed you more. Thanks for the miracle.
-- anonymous ()
19 Nov 2001

Life will no longer be the same without your smiling face to warm us all.

My prayers are with the Heerin's that they find the strength in Charlie's love to conquer the pain they are now faced with. May they find comfort in the memories they shared with Charlie.

God took one of the best when he took Charlie home.

-- anon (Friend {})
21 Jan 2002

Charlie your head is getting bigger as you see yourself on this "irish-tribute". i know you have your irish cap on as a write this, like you always did. You loved the fact that you were "IRISH", and you were so proud of your irish relatives. I just wish you had the chance to go to Ireland just once, but i guess there is no place then where you are now-"HEAVEN". Keep the Beers cold and hold your Irish cap up high. I Love You!
-- Billy (Brother {})
31 Jan 2002

It's so hard with you not here. I'm always thinking of you. I know you were a hero that day on 9-11. You were definitly helping and telling others what to do. I pray every day you did not go through any pain. Miss you!
-- Annemarie Heeran (Sister {})
01 Jul 2004

Charlie and Chris are two class acts who are sorely missed and who I will never forget. Most days if not everyday, I still think of them. Their family's are in my prayers everytime I pray for my own. I'll see you up there fellas.
-- Mike (Friend {})
07 Sep 2004

Charlie..."STARTENDER". We were two good looking people behind the bar me and you. You said so yourself the first night we worked together. You could always make me laugh. I find comfort knowing that you're an angel in heaven now. Knowing you, you're probably the head angel keeping everyone in line!! You are missed dearly everyday, and everyday I'm reminded of the sad way you left us. If your family and friends are a bit as strong as you were then I know they will survive this.
-- Amanda (Friend {})
09 Sep 2004


A little over 4 years now and I just wanted to say hello.

Its amazing how some really good things have happened since you and chris were taken from us. Although we still grieve, some happiness is creeping back in and i firmly believe it is because of you and chris. Children have been born, friends have grown closer together, work and such has taken a back seat to make sure the important things in life like family are attended too..and it is no doubt because of your guiding hand from heaven.

Although we prefer that you be standing next to us, it is apparent that we have never been closer.

Thank you for everything
-- brendan (Friend {})
26 Oct 2005

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