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Edward (Ted) H. Luckett
Age: 40
Occupation: Partner
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from:
Resided in: Fair Haven, N.J.

I didn't know Ted, but thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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If you were alive right now, you would be laughing at how many tributes I've written to you online. You always knew how to make even the most tragic of circumstances funny.

Well, the reason I keep writing to you is because I want so much to call you and talk on the phone or see you, but I cannot do that ever again. Two years have passed by since your death, but it feels like time has stood still since that horrific day. I'm trying to be strong and get on with my life.

It's so difficult because no matter how hard I try to move on, my heart is broken because I miss you so much. I try to think of your laughter and smile & that always cheers me up.

You were such a wonderful brother and role model. I only wish I could live life as joyfully as you did. Your spirit will always be alive in you children's hearts & I know they miss you so terribly much.

Wherever you are, I know you are spreading sunshine & laughter. I know you're helping people & that you were taken so young because you are an angel.

I miss & love you so much.

Alex :)
-- Alexandra Luckett (Sister {})
25 Sep 2003

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