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Paul H. Keating
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Age: 38
Occupation: Firefighter
Worked for: NY Fire Dept
Originally from:
Resided in: New York, N.Y.

I didn't know Paul, but I thought his name should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling (Friend)

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"Paulie" was a friend of my husband, Jeff, and myself for over twenty years. He was an incredible guy. His wit was both hysterical and annoying. I met my husband through Paulie. He went on many of our dates with us. So much so that when Jeff and I got engaged, a bartender at a local watering hole thought that Paulie was my fiancee. I cannot put into words the sadness I feel at his loss or how much we feel for the whole Keating Clan(to know one Keating is to be engulfed in the bosom of the whole family). I gain strength in knowing that Paulie died doing something he loved and I hope that he was "in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knew he was dead"
Lyn Morris
-- Lyn Morris (Friend {})
12 Sep 2002

Thank you for your tribute to my brother Paul Keating NYFD. The kind words from friends and people who wev never met has been a lot of help for myself and my family. Thank you again.

Jeff Keating
-- Jeff Keating (Brother {})
07 Oct 2002

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