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New York's Bravest and Finest Firefighters
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Occupation: Firefighters
Worked for: FDNY
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These were no ordinary men, they were running into the building when everyone else was running out. On that fateful morning, the Firefighters of New York City picked up the weight of the great task ahead of them as they had every day since the day they were appointed to the department. These men and women faced death at the end of a hose every day without thinking of themselves, they were concentrating on the sole task of saving lives- the needs of the many vastly outweighing the needs of the few. On that morning, over 300 of our brethren firefighters answered their Last Alarm. I'm not sure of much at this time, but one thing I am sure of is that I will be praying for all victims and their families- especially the firefighters until this whole tragedy has concluded and all affected can have closure. God Bless the City of New York, the Fire Department, the Mayor and our grieving nation.
Submitted by: Tim C (Friend)

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From Irelandclick.com Nov 8, 2001

We Salute NY Heroes

Belfast pays tribute to the heroic firefighters and grieving populace of New York tonight (Thursday) when the Aisling Award Person of the Year Award
goes to the victims of the 11 September attacks on America.

New York Fire Department representatives Gerard O'Hara and Paul McMenamy flew into Belfast yesterday to be present at the glittering awards
ceremony in the Europa Hotel. The pair, who both boast Belfast roots, lost 343 colleagues when the Twin Towers collapsed.

Education Minister and Aisling Awards guest of honour Martin McGuinness will hand over the Wheel of Life sculpture which has gone previously to
peace campaigner Terry Enright, union leader Inez McCormack, and festival founder Caitriona Ruane.

"Ireland and America share the same heartbeat and there are few families in this city who don't have relatives in New York," siad Andersonstown
News editor Robin Livingstone. "We thought there was no better way to express our support for our American cousins at this time than by presenting
the Aisling Person of the Year Award to the firefighters and people of New York from the people of Belfast."

The surnames on the Fire Department roll of honour tell their own story about the appalling blow to the fiercely proud Irish-American community of
New York: Boyle and Brennan before Collins and Clarke, Lynch and Lyons alongside Sweeney and Sullivan, Kelly, Keating and Kennedy bookended
by Carroll and Cawley and Tierney and Whelan.

Scores of Irish-American firefighters died as heroes rushing into the Towers to save lives. They lie with thousands of others beneath the charred rubble
and twisted metal which was the World Trade Centre. "Oh God," writes retired Bronx firefighter Dennis Smith, who joined the futile rescue mission
immediately after the attacks. "If I could give you their names one by one, to call out to them, to have them appear."

"They laid down their lives for strangers," said New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. "They were inspired by their sense of duty and their love of humanity.
As they raced into the Twin Towers and the other buildings to save lives, they didn't stop to ask how rich or poor the person was, they didn't stop to
ask what religion, what race, what nationality. They just raced in to save their fellow human beings."

Adds Robin Livingstone: "We're delighted that Gerard and Paul were able to join us for the Aisling Awards and we know they'll be given the full red
carpet treatment across the city. "We'll be asking them to accept our Person of the Year Award as a token of our respect and condolence to them and
their fellow firefighters and as a mark of our conviction that New York will rise again, better and stronger than ever."

A collection for the Fire Department Widows, Children and Orphans Fund will be taken up at the Aisling gala. Irelandclick.com will be donating
$1,000 to the fund.
-- John Fay ()
08 Nov 2001

The Irish have a proud history in the NYC Fire Department and Police Department. My son was so proud to be a part of this wonderful group of Firefighters. Rest In Peace Michael Edward Roberts E 214 and all the brothers, active and retired! Mom, Veronica
-- Veronica Roberts (Mother {})
04 Oct 2003

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