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Daniel McNeal
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Age: 29
Occupation: Analyst
Worked for: Sandler O'Neill & Partners
Originally from: Towson, MD
Resided in:
College: Boston College '94

I didn't know Dan, but thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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From NY Times Sep 18

'The Heart in the 3-Piece Suit'

Daniel W. McNeal wore a three-piece suit in high school. He followed the stock market, loved Ronald Reagan and considered politics as a profession.

His mother advised against it. So Daniel went to business school at Georgetown University and one year ago became an analyst for the firm of Sandler O'Neill on the 104th floor of 2 World Trade Center.

His plan was to make a name for himself on Wall Street, then write books and become a professor at Georgetown, his sister, Kathleen, said.

In the meantime, his annual Christmas present to his family in Towson, Md., was a trip to New York City and a night on the town. "He was so proud of New York and the people he had met and the places he had been," she said.

Daniel liked helping people. Once, on a golf course, he threw himself between a hurtling ball and a woman who was about to be hit, Kathleen said. The woman emerged unscathed; the gentlemanly Daniel ended up bleeding from the head and apologizing profusely to the golfers, whose ball he had intercepted, for having interrupted their game.
-- Anon (Friend)
23 Oct 2001

Daniel McNeal

Daniel McNeal, the son of Towson residents, was killed at the World Trade Center. His body was found and identified late Thursday.

Mr. McNeal, 29, worked on the 104th floor of Two World Trade Center. He was a financial analyst for Sandler O'Neill, an investment banking firm, and lived in New Jersey.

He was a graduate of Loyola Blakefield High School, where he was class president in 1990. He earned a degree in finance from Boston College and gained a master's in business degree from Georgetown University.

He is survived by his parents and a sister.

-- Gerard Shields

-- Jay Dooling ()
13 Nov 2001

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