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James Andrew O'Grady
Age: 32
Occupation: Managing Director
Worked for: Sandler O'Neill & Partners
Originally from: Harrington Park, N.J.
Resided in: New York, NY
College: UCLA

I didn't know Jim, but I thought he should be on this list.
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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JAMES ANDREW O'GRADY, 32, of Harrington Park, N.J., was a managing director for Sandler O'Neill & Partners. The investment banker and bond salesman "was a champion of the underdog," said his mother, Sally. "He could be tough in his business, but he had to be," she said. O'Grady and his fiancee, Rachel Uchitel, had just returned from a 10-day vacation in Greece. The two were to wed in May.
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-- Jay Dooling (Friend {})
12 Jan 2002

From NY Times Dec 23, 2001

'James Andrew O'Grady: A Place for Everything...'

James Andrew O'Grady kept his shirts arranged by color. He lined up his cuff links just so. And he liked his towels in a certain place. His love of order and ritual might have seemed out of place in the tumultuous world of the bond market, where Mr. O'Grady, 32, was a managing director of fixed-income sales for Sandler O'Neill & Partners.

Yet even there, in his 104th-floor office in the World Trade Center's south tower, "there was rarely a scrap of paper out of place," said Rich Tuohey, a friend and colleague.

As a boy, Mr. O'Grady's intensity focused on swimming, and he won a swimming scholarship to U.C.L.A., where he earned four letters, traveled three times to the N.C.A.A. finals and, in his senior year, was selected as a co-captain of the team.

"He liked things the way he liked them," said Rachel Uchitel, Mr. O'Grady's girlfriend and, since Aug. 5, his fiancC)e. Early in the morning on Sept. 11, Andy, as he was known, called Ms. Uchitel at work to needle her with a running joke. She had left the towels, he said, in the right place.
-- Anon (Friend { })
29 Jan 2002

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