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Michael Horrocks
Age: 38
Occupation: Airline Pilot
Worked for: United Airline
Originally from: West Chester, PA
Resided in: Glen Mills,PA
School: Hershey High School
College: West Chester University

When through one man
a little more love and goodness
a little more light and truth
comes into the world
then that man's life has had

Submitted by: Donna Harvey ()

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-- Irish Tribute (Friend)
22 Oct 2001

May GOD bless you Michael Horrocks for being an American Hero and serving America as an outstanding Marine and then as an outstanding pilot for United Airlines ... For the dedication and nurturing you provided instructing student pilots to fly ... For your beautiful loving heart - as a Father to your daughter, Christa, and your son, Michael, and your wife, Miriam - as well as your parents, your brother and many friends ... For being an inspiration for all who were lucky enough to know you.

Your life ended tragically on September 11, 2001, but as your close friend and former superior, retired Lt. Colonel Bill Franchi said, you would have fought the hijackers and not allowed United Flight 175 to fly into the Tower. You were like "ROCKY" to the end.

May GOD bless you forever, Michael Horrocks, in Heaven and may every one always remember and honor your memory on earth. You are in my prayers always.

Debra Wanderer
-- Debra Wanderer (Friend Other)
16 Dec 2004

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