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James Coyle
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Occupation: Firefighter
Worked for: NY Fire Dept
Originally from: Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY
Resided in:

I didn't personally know this person. I saw his name on a list of victims and thought it should be included here. Jay
Submitted by: Jay Dooling ()

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From NY Daily News Oct 25

Uncommon Dedication

James Raymond Coyle, 26, of Ladder Co. 3, who died after less than a year with the FDNY, was described by Mayor Giuliani as an "exceptionally dedicated young man."

Firefighters carry an urn of ashes and the helmet of hero fireman James Coyle.
More than 1,000 mourners crowded the Church of St. Thomas Aquinas in Marine Park, Brooklyn, across the street from the elementary school Coyle attended, to remember him.

The rookie started his vacation on Sept. 10. The next day, while hanging out with friends at Ladder Co. 3 in Union Square, Coyle heard the first alarms and joined his buddies in responding after a hijacked plane struck 1 World Trade Center.

What everybody thought was a fire "turned out to be a defense of America," said Giuliani. "Now we have to borrow their courage. We have to carry on the fight."

Katie Coyle eulogized her younger brother for his generosity. "He'd give you the shirt off his back," she said, "and probably his pants too."

"Jimmy took great pride in his job," she went on. "He lived his life to be a fireman B and we're glad he finally got the chance."
-- Anon (Friend)
25 Oct 2001

I had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy since he was six years old. One could not ask to meet a finer young man. He comes from a wonderful family. Jimmy is a credit to his Mom and Dad. He would always greet me with a warm smile and a friendly hello anytime I met him near St. Thomas Aquinas/Flatlands. He will be missed by many of us here in Marine Park. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.
-- Ann ()
27 Oct 2001

hey jimmy whats up its Tommy. I dont know if you realize what an impact you had on my life. I just really want to thank you for everything you did for me and my brother. Sept 11th changed my life forever but the life you lived prior to that will always be an inspiration to us. The boys are all doing alright but being without you and joey wears on us at times. My brother got in the academy and he loves it. He talks about you alot and i know your gonna be watching over him. We still go to the same places, the judge, monk, dog, canteena, lillys, o sullivans but you can tell that everybody realizes something is different. Thanks for draggin me out that sunday to the irish fair it is a nice memory i will always keep. Remember we were walking around and you loved that picture of the irish brigade and the priest praying over them before going into battle and how impressed you were with how they did that and how you wondered if you would be able to remain calm in a situation like that, well you did and im proud of ya for it. part of me is sick that i got out of there alive and that im not with you and joey. I keep really busy lately been working alot, actually catching some good work, even had a couple good first due nozzle jobs. we even went to the plane crash in rockaway. I still go to the trade center on my days off and i volunteer for all the task forces and details that are down there. I heard the story about the fbi guy comming to you guys and what he said but i knew you wouldnt go. it hurt for awhile but the more i thought about it the more i realized that thats just the way you were i hope you will watch over me and give me strenth when i need to make a decision like that. That last beer you left is still in our fridge we're saving it for ya. Your family is strong and i heard you brother is starting to talk about comming onto the department. I hope he comes to us for help when he starts the application process. Tell joey his family is doing good too, i saw his dad at a funeral the other day and me and jim talked to him for awhile. Its getting late bro and i gotta head off to work but you and joey should both know that you are always in our hearts and minds. You guys are the best thanks for everything and i will always remember the funny times, hey by the way i finally saw that movie you were telling me about,,, your part is histerical. George and Bri both got engaged and im probably not far from taking the plunge either but i know i already got your blessing on that. Anyway bro, the dept is doing good and we are strong it is still the greatest job on earth and im glad that we all got to share in it. I miss ya man and i will do my best to make sure nobody ever forgets what you guys did. You and joey were two of the best guys i have ever known in my life give him my love for me and i will see you both again someday. FDNY baby!
Tommy 11/21/01
-- Tommy ()
21 Nov 2001

From NY Times Dec 8, 2001

'James R. Coyle: The Force Was With Him'

James R. Coyle wanted to be Luke Skywalker. But because of certain difficulties in pursuing that career path, he decided to do what he thought was the next best thing, which was fighting fires.

Sure, there was no flying across galaxies or rescuing princesses, but joining the New York Fire Department had its own rewards.

Both of his grandfathers were New York firefighters. Firefighter Coyle joined the department's cadet program while studying at Brooklyn College. He was 22 when he graduated as valedictorian of that program on a wet June day about four years ago.

For the next three years, he worked as an emergency medical technician. He delivered a baby in the back of an ambulance. He ducked bullets in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Last December, he completed training in the fire academy and joined Ladder Company 3 in the East Village. One grandfather gave the firefighter his old fire hat.

The last glimpse his mother, Regina Coyle, had of Firefighter Coyle was on her television set on Sept. 11, when a local television station was doing a morning show on cooking in the firehouse. He had just finished a night shift, she said, and he was there to eat meal before heading off to Chicago on vacation.
-- Anon (Friend { })
17 Dec 2001

From another Coyle..perhaps a distant relative..God bless you
-- colleen coyle-dalli (Friend {distant relative})
17 Dec 2001

I saw your picture and name on a tribute picture while visiting a local restaurant(Plano,Texas).
Your life and sacrifices have touched so many people you did not have the chance to meet. I pray for your family and friends, that they may have peace and closure. I am a proud Irish Catholic, who finds great joy in saying we share the same Coyle Name. Rest in peace my friend..
-- John Charles Coyle (Friend {Irish Coyle relative})
14 Sep 2005

Four years and one month later, enjoying a night in lower Manhattan.
And September 11th seems so long ago to me at times.
There was FDNY activity on our walk home and Ladder 3, among others, answered the call.
As we passed by, I see the memorials upon each truck and I glance upon my name.

From another Coyle...Thank you for your sacrifice.
May God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you.
-- Dana Coyle (Friend Admirer)
18 Oct 2005

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