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Robert G. McCarthy
Age: 33
Occupation: Bond trader
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Thiells NY
Resided in: Stony Point NY
School: St. Joseph's Regional High School
College: Manhattan College '90

We have no need to look out the window hoping its you coming up the street. "The first ones on me"
Submitted by: Robert G. McCarthy ()

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My mother was a McCarthy, so I extend to Robert's family my sincere sympathies.
-- Fr. Joe Connolly, TOR (Irish roots)
26 Oct 2001

From NY Times, April 28, 2002
Robert McCarthy: Devoted to Family and Food

Robert McCarthy made a superb turkey and the best mashed potatoes. He called his in-laws every day, "but he calls everybody every day," his mother-in-law, Gloria Rosenfeld said, laughing. He traded his immaculate Saab convertible for a 1995 Civic when his wife, Annie, became pregnant, and he "got" people all the time with his silly phone voices. He kept Mrs. Rosenfeld going for at least 20 minutes one Sunday B at 8 a.m., no less B trying to sell her some telephone services.

When he and his wife had been together for five years, he sent six dozen roses to the salon where she worked: a dozen for each year and a dozen for her co-workers. One friend, Jon Fullick, summed him up on a Web page in his honor: "You lived out loud and I love you for it."

Mr. McCarthy's sister, Mary Jean O'Leary, remembers him as a little one: "He was always laughing," she said. "His little personality was there all along."

The McCarthys' son, Shane, was 2 weeks old when Mr. McCarthy, 33, a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, who lived in Stony Point, N.Y., died. "He looks just like him; he doesn't look anything like me," Mrs. McCarthy said, describing her blond, green-eyed son. "Looking into my son's eyes is like having my husband stare back at me."
-- Anon (Friend { })
03 May 2002

My Wife and I met Rob and Annie on the first day of a vacation to Jamaica. We became friends imediately. They were the type of people you just couldn't help but like. Rob was great. Quick as a whip. A guy at the resort tried to get him with a gag lighter. Rob just looked at him and said, "Hey man, i'm from New York, your gonna have to better than that".

We have a picture of them on our fireplace mantle. I still think of Rob often and miss him every time i do. We will never forget the week we spent with them.
-- Bruce & Monieka (Friend {})
05 Sep 2004

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