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Christopher Slattery
Age: 31
Occupation: Sales Trader
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Long Island, NY
Resided in: Manhattan
School: Chaminade HS
College: Fairfield University
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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I feel very fortunate to have been touched by the life of Chris Slattery. I am his sister's college roommate and think back fondly on fun times that I spent with the Slattery family. Chris always brought a smile to everyone's face and brought warmth to his surroundings. I wish God's Blessings to the Slattery family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
-- Abigail Smith Jones ()
25 Oct 2001

A special guy who loved his Irish heritage, his nights out in Manhattan, his family but most of all his life. Chris lived an amazing 31 years and took advantage of every opportunity to get together with friends and family. Three items he always carried with him were his sense of humor, his kindness and his love for family. He will be sorely missed by all of those that knew him.
-- anonymous ()
23 Nov 2001

"And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand."
I love you, I miss you and I know I will see you again someday.
-- Erin Slattery-Appelle ()
23 Nov 2001

Chris looks back at me every day from a photo I have of us together in a night on the town in Manhattan. Chris was generous to a fault, always wanting everyone around him to be having as good a time as he was. His soft manners and sharp sense of humor made him welcome anywhere he went. He was truly in possession of the Irish gift of genial fellowship and mirth. ;-D

He will be remembered always.
-- Claire ()
26 Nov 2001

Chris lived life to the fullest. In his 31 years, he lived a lifetime. I'll never forget the smirk on his face each time he insisted on paying the bill at the end of a night. Chris touched the lives of so many, and he is deeply missed. He will forever be remembered...
-- Jodi Forrest (Friend of the Slattery Family)
27 Nov 2001

when we were kids, you looked up to me. as we grew up together, we shared many experiences, challenges, and good times, and we learned from each other. as young adults, we became true friends, and in many ways i began looking up to you. you found your niche, and you enjoyed life. for that, i will always be thankful. your imprint on the world was your character, charisma, caring demeanor, and quick wit. not a day goes by that i don't shed a tear thinking about you, and how you were robbed from us. it's numbing to think you're no longer a phone call away, or that i will never get another whimsical instant message from "cslatz7." you're missed, my man, but i'm sure you're already carving your mark in the big sky and the heavens beyond. we'll meet again, i'm sure, so in the meantime, keep those irish eyes a-smilin', and keep a few cold ones on ice up there for the rest of us for when the time comes to be together again.
-- dan ()
03 Dec 2001

I'm glad we named our son Christopher. He will be a constant reminder of you and your gentleness and your love of live.
-- maureen ()
03 Dec 2001

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my friend and cousin Chris. I see Chris's picture every morning in Penn Station and I just shake my head and wonder why. Some mornings are better than the others, sometimes i walk by and laugh because i think about things that he did in the past or I stop and touch his picture and get more upset. chris and i grew up seeing each other during the holidays and other various family get togethers but did not get close until he and I worked together a Kidder Peabody. There he showed me his hard work ethics and also his love for life. it was a real pleasure watching Chris progress in this buisness the way he did. He showed that hard work pays off. I miss Chris very much, I miss calling him on fridays and hearing about his week,calling him to go to Ranger games when I have an extra ticket and most of all not being able to call and see what he is up to. he effected so many people and is surely missed. I know in my heart that Chris is making the best of it up there. If there is anyone that can it is him.

03 Dec 2001

I will always cherish the memories of watching you grow into such a fine young man. I have so many fond memories of you. I remember how proud you were as you watched Uncle Bob march down Fifth Avenue as an Aide to the Grand Marshal in 1996 and how much fun we had after the parade as we celebrated back at the hotel. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, Chris. I love you and miss you.
-- Aunt Ann (Aunt {})
06 Dec 2001

He is my best friend. I think about him every day.
-- Will Z (Friend {})
07 Dec 2001

Chris was a "people person." From the time that he began talking and walking, he would engage people with his warmth and draw them into his circle. When he was with someone, they had his total attention; whatever they had to say was important to him. He made and kept many, many friends.

Chris loved his family. He cherished his nephew and niece. He loved playing with them and buying them many gifts. He loved spending time with all his family, especially on the ski trips where he would be the first one to go down the black trails to see if they were acceptable to the less brave among us. Or, the time the fog on the mountain was so thick, he led the group by clicking his poles so the others could follow the sound. He loved the dinners out on those trips; always glad to try something new such as buffalo or elk. The trips to the beach in Nantucket were special favorites of his - time to be with the family, fly kites, and time to sit peacefully, away from his usual hectic existence.

Chris was generous to a fault. If he thought one of us wanted something, or wanted to go somewhere, but hesitated because of the cost, he was right there offering to provide it.

Chris loved to read. His interests were universal: history, best sellers, fantasy.

Chris loved to golf. He could hit a heck of a long drive. However, when it came to his short game, it was not unusual to see that little white ball fly over the green two or three times. When that happened, as it did on Labor Day, there was usually a break from the next hole in order to provide a cool down period.

Chris loved attending the Giants' football games and having the best tailgate parties possible. You could never get there early enough, or have enough food and beer, because you never knew how many of his friends might stop by.

Chris had a wonderful sense of humor.

Chris loved a good party and usually made almost any event into one.

Chris loved to travel.

Chris loved his job.

In our sorrow, we are thankful to know that, although it was tragically brief, he had a full and happy life.

We love him and miss him terribly.
-- Linda and Jim Slattery (Friend Parents)
09 Dec 2001

My Name is Terence Michael Slattery, I was Born in Ireland. Just want to say sorry for your loss. SLATTERY is a great and proud name.
May god bless you all
-- Terence Michael Slattery (Friend {We share a great name})
12 Dec 2004

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