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Fred Ill
Age: 50
Occupation: Captain - Fireman
Worked for: FDNY - Ladder Co. 2
Originally from: Bronx, N.Y.
Resided in: Pearl River, New York
School: St. Raymond's - Bronx

Freddy was a wonderful man and a great family man. He was a father of three and his son Fred Jr. is also a firefighter. He won many awards for his courage and was awarded the Rockland County man of the year for his rescue of a man who had his legs amputated after falling into the subway. God rest this wonderful man and pray for his beautiful family. He will truly be missed.
Submitted by: Patrick Clohessy ()

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Freddie Ill was one of the classiest guys I ever met. He was one of those people that could have spoken for days of the awards / plaudits given to him by the FDNY, Army, etc. But he wasn't like that. All Class. "Monumental Pride" as Freddie Jr. said. That's what I feel to even say that there's a family tie between Freddie and myself. A family member speaking at his memorial mass summed it up the best, "we shouldn't be praying for Freddie..we should be praying to him". God bless him and his family. My grandkids will know about Freddie Ill and the "class" that he personified.
-- Sean Rogan ()
10 Nov 2001

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