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Dennis Devlin
Age: 51
Occupation: Battalion Chief
Worked for: NYFD
Originally from: Bronx, NY
Resided in: Washingtonville,NY
School: St. Helena's
College: St. John's

He could make me laugh like no one else. I will miss the stories and just how animated he became when he was telling them. I will miss his "spider". I am still amazed that he could still do that at 51!
He was a brave man and a hero. I feel lucky and so proud to have had him in my life, if only for a while.
I am crying now....tears of laughter,thinking of the stories - mixed with tears of sorrow.

Submitted by: Anne McKenna-Gallo ()

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From NY Times Dec 9, 2001

'Dennis L. Devlin: Her Cheerleader'

For 29 years, Dennis and Kathleen Devlin were man and wife, parents to four children. In a house on a small hill in upstate New York, they watched sunsets and laid plans to grow old together.

But Dennis Devlin, a battalion chief for the New York City Fire Department, is gone now, leaving Mrs. Devlin to try and hold on to their bond.

So, Chief. Devlin's hobbies have become her hobbies. Every morning, she's out on a three mile run, a habit she never cared for when her husband was alive, but one she hopes now will prepare her for a coming race that she is planning in his honor.

"I can hear him sometimes telling me not to get tired, pushing me," she said.

It is also because of her husband that no day passes without Mrs. Devlin thumbing through one of the 23 photo albums Chief Devlin labored over, for decades, meticulously labeling and dating each photograph. (The last photo he ever entered, taken three months before Sept. 11, was one of him in a helicopter flying over Lower Manhattan, staring at the World Trade Center.)

"We complained about him taking so many pictures, everywhere we went," she said. "But having those albums now is such a joy. We all look at them and think how blessed we are that he took the time and that we were a happy family."
-- Anon (Friend { })
17 Dec 2001

hey cement head
till we meet again brother
the eagles are flying
-- anonymous (Friend {})
11 Feb 2002

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