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Michael Curtin
Age: 45
Occupation: Squad Sergeant for Truck Company 2 of the Police Dept's ESU
Worked for: NYPD
Originally from:
Resided in: Medford, NY

In the early days after the attack there were several lists of those "lost". One name I saw was Michael Curtin, NYPD. As far as I know there has not been any further mention of him for about two weeks. As best as I can recall, he was listed as dead -RIP-! Can you get an update on Michael Curtin, NYPD
Submitted by: Pete Curtin ()

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Michael was found and taken out from the WTC on Wednesday 3-6-02. His wife and oldest daughter were there to lead the procession out. The funeral mass took place at 10:28AM on 3-11-02 in Medford, LI, NY.
-- Jack Curtin (Brother {})
18 Mar 2002

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