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Peter J. Carroll
Age: 42
Occupation: Firefighter, Squad 1
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from: Arden Heights, Staten Island, NY
Resided in: Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY
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From NY Times Oct 28

'Painter Who Cared'

They called him Pete the Painter. Pete Carroll was really a firefighter, but he painted apartments to make ends meet. He walked into ToniAnn's life eight years ago and laid two coats of beige paint.

He had 19 years in the Fire Department. One more, and they were off to retire in California. They depended on each other, but last January, Ms. Carroll came to depend on him in very profound ways. She fell ill with a neurological disorder with no cure. It is a rapid, ravaging affliction that attacks the soft tissues.

Mr. Carroll, 42, started to cook for his wife. He carried her to bed. Sometimes he washed her back. This summer, on the hottest day of the year, he came home to Staten Island from the Squad 1 firehouse in Brooklyn to see her in the backyard, frozen in a chair in the blazing sun. He saw that and wept. "I had a beautiful fireman to rescue me," Ms. Carroll said. "Now I don't want to move at all."

In a contorted way, Mr. Carroll's wife is one of the lucky survivors. She has his ashes and his wedding band.
-- Anon ()
15 Nov 2001

From Staten Island Advance Sep 15, 2001

'Peter J. Carroll, 42, a firefighter who responded courageously'

Peter J. Carroll was a great storyteller. Even before he arrived at work, he was ready with at least six stories to tell his fellow firefighters in Squad 1 about his trip into Brooklyn.

"Peter was the funniest man I knew," said fellow Firefighter Steve Beyar, also of Squad 1. "He would have these stories of what happened to him on the way into work. He could imitate people exactly and could find the humor in everything."

But when it came to saving lives and doing his job, there was no one more serious, according to his colleagues.

Mr. Carroll, 42, lost his life while evacuating streams of people from one of the World Trade Towers after Tuesday's attack. He would lead workers from the building to the street, and then go back and repeat the process.

Firefighters he worked with said there's no telling how many lives he saved before the collapse. His body was found Wednesday at the site.

Mr. Carroll was the father of three sons, Michael, Peter and Christopher; a daughter, Nicole Carroll, and two stepchildren, Anthony and Dana Ann Deniro.

A native of Brooklyn, he grew up in Arden Heights and settled with his wife, the former Toni Ann Graffino, in Castleton Corners.

"He loved to spend time with me and I loved that," said Mrs. Carroll. "He's always been there for me -- emotionally and spiritually. He's never left my side."

A firefighter for 19 years, Mr. Carroll first served in Ladder 18 in Manhattan before working out of Ladder 18 in Harlem and Ladder 80, Port Richmond. He worked at Brooklyn's Squad 1 for the last decade.

He always wanted to help people, said his family, which led him to study nursing at the College of Staten Island.

"He was a great man. He loved his job and did it 110 percent, but he was also a family man," added Beyar, of Manor Heights, who has worked by Mr. Carroll's side for the last five years.

When not spending time with his family or getting involved with Fire Department activities, Mr. Carroll loved riding motorcycles, playing basketball, fishing and bike riding.

"We loved to ride bikes together. I feel like a part of me has died. My life will never be the same," said Mrs. Carroll, crying.

"He wasn't only a firefighter. He was a father, son-in-law, co-worker, a son, a brother, a friend and a neighbor," said Debra Robles, who lives on the same block.

In addition to his wife, Toni Ann; his three sons, Michael, Peter and Christopher; his daughter, Nicole, and his stepchildren, Anthony and Dana Ann, Mr. Carroll is survived by his father, Peter; a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Patricia Dagata.
-- Anon ()
05 Dec 2001

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