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Liam Callahan
Age: 44
Occupation: Rescue service
Worked for: New York Port Authority
Originally from: Queens, NY
Resided in: Rockaway Township, NJ
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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Liam Callahan, 43, a hero cop who cooked
-- Irish Tribute (Friend)
12 Oct 2001

From NY Times Nov 8, 2001

'Many Citations for Heroism'

Liam Callahan always made it out of dangerous situations. So it was fully expected that Mr. Callahan, a Port Authority police officer, would emerge from the trade center wreckage -- even if days later.

So his wife, Joan, waited. They were supposed to celebrate 20 years of marriage on Sept. 12. But his homecoming was going to be sweeter, a wedding anniversary combined with a hero's welcome at their home in Rockaway, N.J., where they were raising four children: Brian, 17; Bridget, 15; Ellen, 13; and James, 11. Officer Callahan, however, died in the line of duty.

Police work was the lifeblood of Officer Callahan, 44, a 22-year police veteran who got at least a half of a dozen citations for exemplary actions, including a group citation for "heroic efforts" during the first trade center bombing in 1993, the police said.

One of his first rescues as a rookie came on Sept. 9, 1982. A distraught 20-year-old man was threatening to jump from the roof of the Port Authority bus terminal. "Suddenly, he slid closer to the edge, and I grabbed him," Officer Callahan told The New York Post that day. "If I didn't get him then, he would have been gone."
-- Anon ()
23 Nov 2001

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