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Robert Coll
Age: 35
Occupation: Senior Vice President
Worked for: Eurobrokers
Originally from: New Rochelle, NY
Resided in: Glen Ridge, NJ
School: Fordham Prep
College: St. Lawrence University & NYU, MBA '95
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We must have been related somewhere along the way as we share a surname! I saw your name and thought just how affected we all have been since Sept 11th.
My prayers are with you & your family!
Sarah Coll (Dublin)
-- Sarah Coll (Friend)
03 Oct 2001

'Robert J. Coll: Always the Peacemaker'

It was perhaps inevitable that when pressures rose at work, colleagues would turn to Robert J. Coll to calm things down. Mr. Coll was born eighth out of nine children, a peacemaker amid the chaos of a big family.

"Maybe being in that position in the family made him compassionate and good with people," said Mr. Coll's older brother, Edward. "He made people feel very at ease with him."

Mr. Coll, 35, and his wife, Jennifer, led an active social life and didn't slow down even when their two children were born. They simply took the children with them, to restaurants, skiing in Stratton, Vt., and on summer trips to the beach.

Known as Woody to friends and clients because of a stubborn cowlick, Mr. Coll was a senior vice president for capital markets at Euro Brokers.

"Even though he had been successful for a while, there was really a sense that my brother was just really starting to spread his wings," Edward Coll said. "There was a transformation from being a baby brother to being one we relied on. He was starting to be a pillar in the family."
-- Anon (Friend -)
19 Dec 2001

To Robert's Family: Your loved one shall not be forgotten! May you find some happiness & comfort in this world forever changed by this tragedy. Lovingly, Kathy Coll
-- Kathy Coll (Friend {web browser})
03 Feb 2004

December 2004 is the first time I visited the WTC site. I was overcome. I noticed the name Robert Coll. It kind of jumped out at me. Maybe we are related. I hope life has gotten better for his family since that tragic day.Best wishes for a happy holiday and a happy new year.
-- Edward Coll (Friend {})
17 Dec 2004

Hey my name is Robert Galligan from the Coll clan in Bruree village, County Limerick, Ireland.It's a tragedy for New York, Afghanistan and Iraq.The world needes peace and equality
-- Rob Galligan (Friend sympathiser)
10 Mar 2005

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