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Kevin Crotty
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Age: 43
Occupation: Managing Director
Worked for: Sandler O'Neill & Partners
Originally from: Jackson Heights, NY
Resided in: Summit, NJ
School: St. Ignatius Loyola High School in Manhattan
College: Dartmouth College
Submitted by: Irish Tribute (Friend)

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From NY Times Oct 16, 2001

'Children at the Bakery'

The ladies behind the counter at a bakery in Summit, N.J. used to look forward to Saturday mornings when Kevin R. Crotty would show up with his three children. With wild candy-store looks in their eyes, Megan, 7, Kyle, 5, and Sean, 2, would load up on cookies and chocolate and glazed doughnuts and doughnut holes.

But it has been more than a month since Mr. Crotty took his children to the bakery. Mr. Crotty, 43, worked as a bond trader at Sandler O'Neill & Partners on the 104th floor of 2 World Trade Center. Besides the bakery, he could be seen taking the children to soccer practice and dance lessons.

"I've been very open with them about it," said his widow, Lori Crotty. "The more I talk about it, the more comfortable they are. Sean is having a hard time, but it's going to take time."
-- Anon ()
09 Nov 2001

Hello, my name is Kevin J. Crotty, of Bellaire, Texas. When a memorial at my high school in Valley Stream, N.Y., included Kevin's name, my wife received several calls from people I had not heard from in years who assumed the memorial was due to my passing in the WTC. In researching why my name appeared in the memorial, I discovered the tribute sites to Kevin. There were surprising similarities, including each having a son named Sean and his love of soccer coaching. The little I have read of him portrays a great father and gentleman. This distant, almost irrelevent connection to the WTC events pulled me closer to the sense of loss many feel, and my thoughts are with Kevin's family today. I hope this anniversary will bring you a peaceful moment.
-- Kevin J. Crotty (Friend {Shared Name?})
11 Sep 2002

Thinking of you and the rest of our great peoples that perished on that terrible day. I share the same name and while I am a younger Crotty, I share the Americanism and Spirit that you have left. We will never forget and we shall never turn our heads to who did this to our great land and people. May God continue to bless you and your family forever and ever.

Kevin M. Crotty
-- Kevin M. Crotty (Friend {})
11 Dec 2004

I wanted to know if this is Kevin went to St. Joan of Arc Catholic School and played basketball?
-- Yvette Alvarez Rivero (Friend {})
18 Jan 2005

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