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John Tierney
Age: 27
Occupation: Fire Fighter
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from: Staten Island
Resided in:
School: St. Joseph's by the Sea High School
College: St. John's University
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From NY Times Nov 28, 2001

John Patrick Tierney: Dedicated to Firefighting

On Father's Day, as Helen Tierney heard the news that three firefighters in Queens had been killed on the job, her heart broke. For the men who died, she cried. For her son John Patrick Tierney, 27, a probationary firefighter training in Queens at the time, she rejoiced that he had had that day off. "He always said, `Don't worry, Ma. Everything will be fine.' And it was."

So, on Sept. 11, when his unit, Ladder Company 9 in Manhattan, was called to the World Trade Center, she clung once again to her youngest son's words. Her prayer was that he had headed home to Staten Island that morning. But Mr. Tierney had hopped a fire truck so crowded that he was forced to sit in a colleague's lap. "The other guys told him he didn't have to come," Mrs. Tierney said. "But from the first day he went to probie school, he worked hard, he really wanted to be part of the Fire Department."

And he was, for six weeks.
-- Anon (Friend { })
11 Dec 2001

John Tierney was a true Irish-American hero.
He was not on duty that fateful day, but he saw fit to volunteer. He wanted to be with his fellow firemen, no matter what the risks might be. There can be no more glorious death and he is now with his friends in everlasting glory and happiness.

-- Mark Tierney (no known relationship) (Friend {A hero worshipper only})
13 Sep 2003

John we met at the Staten Ireland Fest and relized we were in Probie school together.I'll never forget that day,the music,the beer,and the quick friendship we devolped.We graduated the academy and on 9-11-01 you quickly became a hero and i will forever remember you. "IF A MANS HONOR AND GLORY IS MEASURED AND WEIGHED BY HIS FRIENDS,MINE IS TO HAVE HAD HE AS A FRIEND"
-- Rory Allen (Friend {})
13 Feb 2004

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