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Martin Coughlin
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Age: 53
Occupation: Carpenter
Worked for:
Originally from: Cappawhite, Co Tipperary
Resided in: Queens, NY
Submitted by: Irish Tribute (Friend)

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I worked with Martin a long time ago and a great carpenter and character he was. Later on I got to know him and his family a little more as it turned out that they were aquainted with one of my own family members. Martin Coughlan [with an a } was a devoted husband, father and provider to four daughters. He was an Elvis fan and played a bit of guitar himself. My prayers are with Catherine and all the girls ...... Martin left this world a bit too early but who better than himself to build a few new gates into heaven for all the people who were so terribly taken from us on Sept 11th ..... I pray for Catherine and the girls and I know that somewhere up the road they will be all joined together with Martin and his big smile ... God bless them all :
-- Dessie Coogan (Friend)
04 Oct 2001

Martin worked with my father, Paul, doing home remodeling after hours. He also made much of the furnature in our house, including the desk I'm typing this on.
He was a broad, white haired man, always happy and cheerful. It was a pleasure everytime I saw him, and his death hit our entire family, and many people in our neighborhood who had the pleasure of meeting him when he worked on their houses.
-- Israel Peskowitz (Friend {Co-worker's Son})
12 Sep 2002

On that terrible day September 11th, a day of infamy, sadness and bravery, like most people on the planet I can recall werhe I was - little die I think that my dear nephew Martin John would be one of the victims as I heard of the dreadful holocaust minutes after it happened on the BBC, from Fox Radio in New York via the BBC radio. As I listened with horror I could not know then our dear Martin John was one of the victims. God be with you Marin John and all who perished with you. Your Uncle John Joe.
-- John Joe Buckley (Uncle {})
22 Sep 2002

28 Sep 2002

The Carpenter From Cappawhite

He was born in the shade of the Galtees,
From the village of Cappawhite he did hail,
But after September the eleventh,
No more would he return to his Golden vale.

He died on top of the world,
With his hammer in his hand,
And he broke the hearts of so many
Back home in his native land.

So goodbye Martin John Coughlan,
With that smile all loving and true,
Sleep now with the angles in heaven,
Goodbye my friend, and god bless you.


-- anonymous (Friend {})
09 Oct 2002

God be with you Martin John as you journey to the Promised Land, on Earth you lived with a loving smile and a heart that opened to all. We have many great memories from childhood, when we sailed up Church Street to Nanny, now you have many things to share with her and your other family members. The Golden Gates must have hailed with joy as you entered them, I'm sure your keeping them all singing and on the move as you did here. We wish, some day to be with you. Until then, our dear cousin, keep a space for the old faithfulls in the Golden Vale above.
Loved and missed always - Joan and Lylia.
-- Joan and Lylia (Cousin {})
10 Oct 2002

10/17/02 - I’ve known Martin since 1995. My best friend Bill married his daughter Orla. Though it has been one year since that terrible day, not a day passes that I don’t think of you Martin when I look out of my window toward the world trade center’s empty void. Martin left such a lasting impression on everyone he met. Always friendly and upbeat, he always had a kind word for anyone passing through the doors of his home. We are always welcome there.

Life isn’t the same without Martin. He is my friend. I miss him tremendously as many, many of us do and I am certainly the luckier one to have known him. I’ll find solace in remembering how he lived his life, how he’d want us to carry on with ours, and the great legacy he leaves behind with his wife and family. They are truly the finest people I have ever met!

God Bless you Martin. God Bless your family.
-- Tom Finn (Friend {})
17 Oct 2002

Martin John Coughlan was my father.
But, he wasn't just my father because I just so happened to be born.
He was my father because he...
cared about me.
raised me.
Loved me.
Picked me up from dance class never being a second late.
encouraged me.
Gave me someone to look up to.
Made me laugh.
Gave me everything I ever needed, even when I didn't deserve it.
taught me.
He was the best father anyone could ever have.
There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about you Dad. We all miss you!
-- Denise Coughlan (Daughter {})
20 Oct 2002

-- Tommy Hynes (Friend {})
03 Dec 2002

15th Dec 2002

We knew Martin in 1982 when we stayed in the Apt
at the back of No 3 Newcastle Road,next door to
Cookes Thatch Bar. I worked in the Post Office
where I still am today.It was with sad regret we heard of his death. We send our deepest sympathy
to his wife and family, forever in our thoughts
and prayers.

-- John and Mary Keane Galway (Friend {})
15 Dec 2002

Martin you had a smile for all, a heart of gold,
one of the best the world could hold.
You were never selfish, always kind, those are the memories Martin you have left behind.
-- Magdalen Breen & Family (Galway) (Friend Sister-in-law)
02 Feb 2003

I didn't know Martin personally but I found out recently that I once knew somemone that belonged to him.
To his family my deepest sympathies.
Find strength.
-- anonymous (Friend {})
20 Mar 2004


I know your brother Finbar, I know he misses you so much as does everyone in Cappawhite.
YOu are a wonderful man. I met your daughter Sinead this year shes a really nice girl

I hear you have 2 wonderful twin grandchildren and im sure you are gushing with pride from heaven.
MAy your soul rest in peace
-- n/a (Friend {})
26 Aug 2005

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