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Edward 'Teddy Maloney
Age: 32
Occupation: Bond Trader
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from:
Resided in: Darien CT
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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From NY Times Oct 7, 2001

'A Name to Carry On'

People at his memorial Mass last week kept using the same words over and over about Teddy Maloney. Loyal. Modest. Magic with kids. A true friend.

At 32, Mr. Maloney was the kind of young husband who called his wife, Brinley, three or four times a day, especially since she was seven months pregnant with their second child - another girl, they had learned. He had already made his morning call home to Darien, Conn., at 8:40 that Tuesday from the TradeSpark offices of Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor, just minutes before the attack.

"I'm not sure he liked his work that much," his mother, Sally Maloney, recalled. "If he had had his way, he would have opened a string of carwashes. He always wanted to be in control of his own business."

And to be closer to home and his extended family, the girls' hockey and lacrosse teams he coached. He took the job in the city only because Cantor Fitzgerald had promised a transfer to the Darien office in February, just after the baby's arrival. Her name will be Teddy Bray Maloney.
-- Anon ()
07 Nov 2001

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