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Brendan Dolan
Age: 37
Occupation: Senior Vice President
Worked for: Carr Futures
Originally from: Bronx, New York
Resided in: Glen Rock, NJ
School: Fordham Prep
College: University of Rochester
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From NY Times Dec 29, 2001

'Brendan Dolan: A Lifelong Quarterback'

The prudent know well: never do business with friends. Brendan Dolan, however, only did business with friends. He merrily ran roughshod over that bright divide, saying, "I don't have clients, I only have friends."

He must have been doing something right: at 37, he was a senior vice president at Carr Futures, a successful energy broker who traveled worldwide for clients whom he easily befriended, with his trademark smile and wink.

In high school Mr. Dolan had been a quarterback, and he played that position for the rest of his life. He called the shots, gathering his siblings and parents together in vacation houses, throwing job opportunities at loyal buddies. He encouraged Carr brokers to move their young families to his town, Glen Rock, N.J. Who wants to live so close to the boss? They did. On summer weekends, the gang from work would hang out at Brendan and Stacey's, for a swim and a barbecue.

Joking, flipping burgers, jumping in the pool with Samantha, 2, and Sarah, 4, Mr. Dolan reveled in his life at home. He would tell his older brother Charles, who is still single: "Forget business. You don't get it yet. Work will never bring you the kind of satisfaction you'll have from a family."
-- Anon (Friend { })
04 Feb 2002

There are few people you meet in this life that are as sincere and easygoing as Brendan Dolan. Growing up, myself, my brothers and my sisters often said, "If there was anybody else in the world I could be like, it would be Brendan." Brendan had an amazing way with people. He often went out of his way to do things for us. I consider myself blessed to have known Brendan. Brendan was well loved by all of us, and will be very much missed in our lives.
-- Susan Considine (Cousin {})
22 May 2002

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