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William Meehan
Age: 49
Occupation: Chief Market Analyst
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from:
Resided in: Darien, CT
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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From NY Times Nov 13, 2001

'Wall Street and Harry Potter'

William J. Meehan liked to say he had the ideal job. "All he had to do was give an opinion," said his wife, Maureen. But when Mr. Meehan opined, Wall Street listened: he was chief market analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald.

The job was ideal if you did not mind rising at 4:30 a.m., which Mr. Meehan, 49, did to write his column for The Cantor Morning News, an online newsletter. He was a fixture on the proliferating financial shows and got to banter with Louis Rukeyser on "Wall Street Week."

A Meehan opinion was grounded in books. "He would read everything and anything," his wife recalled, "not just financial but also biographies and Harry Potter, too." He bought the early Potter books for his daughter, Katie - and ended up reading them himself. But for a man who spent many a vacation day between hard covers, Mr. Meehan was also big on the Internet. "He was the first guy I knew to buy his Christmas tree online," said Steven Montano, The Morning News's managing editor.

Mr. Meehan initially worked for Cantor in Darien, Conn., where he lived, getting home in time to coach his three children in Little League, flag football and basketball. But in August, as his TV appearances became more frequent, he shifted to the World Trade Center.
-- Anon ()
26 Nov 2001

I stood at ground zero in November last year, just two weeks before Thanksgiving. As I looked up at the simple black plaque with it's list of names, one caught my eye. William J Meehan. The name struck me to my very core. This was my first time in New York and here I was standing at the site of the worst atrocity since the Second World War concentration camps. All I could focus on was that one name. William J Meehan was the name of my uncle who lived in New York, not this William J Meehan but my uncle. Even though they were different people it made me realise that this was an event that touched us all in some way.

I never met my uncle, he left Ireland before I was born and made his life in New York. He died some years ago at the age of 85. Looking up at that plaque made me think that these were two men that I had never met and never knew that both knew New York. Don't ask me why but I felt an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness at seeing the name. It struck me that there were two families that shared a common name grieving for the loss of Bill. It made me realise that life really is too short and as soon as I landed back at Heathrow in London I went and saw my Dad just to be with him. I told him about the black plaque that bears the name of William J Meehan and all he said was "I wish I'd known him better", meaning his own brother.

To the family of one William J Meehan from the family of another. My deepest sympathies.
-- Liam Meehan (Friend {Unrelated, I think.})
20 Jul 2004

I met Bill when I was a trainee with Prudential Securities in L.A., 1992. Bill inspired me. Bill was a very bright, very funny guy who grew up in the Bronx as I did. When my wife and I moved back to NYC in 1993 we got together with Bill again on several occasions and, as usual, we all had a blast. To Bill's family, I'm sure you know as we do...Bill was a great man, a great soul...Bill, rest in peace...we'll meet again someday and laugh at this crazy world...your friend, Steve Ehrlich 212-410-2600
-- Steve Ehrlich (Friend {})
15 Sep 2004

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