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Timothy Haskell
Age: 34
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from:
Resided in: Seaford, NY
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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From NY Times Sep 18

'Prepared for Emergencies'

Timothy Haskell trained his dalmatian, Blaze, to "stop, drop and roll." He took the dog to the school where his sister, Dawn Haskell-Carbone, teaches. "Timmy would say to the dog, `Your clothes are on fire! What do you do?' " she recalled yesterday. "She would stop, throw herself on the ground and roll. He would ask the kids, `What if you smell smoke?' The dog would crawl on her belly over to a door. Timmy would say, `Feel the door first to see if it's hot.' And the dog would put her paws on the door."

Timothy grew up in Seaford, N.Y. B on a skateboard, then a dirt bike, and always on the water. As an adult, he loved scuba diving and extreme games; he was getting his pilot's license.

Timothy, 34, and two of his brothers, Thomas and Kenneth, followed their father into firefighting.

"All my brothers, they all got perfect scores on their physical, and their tests were almost perfect," his sister said. "It was that important to them, that they worked hard at it."

Timothy's brother, Thomas, is still missing.
-- Anon (Friend)
23 Oct 2001

About Timothy's brother, Thomas


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-- Anon (Friend { })
10 Dec 2001

Timmy was my brother. He was off-duty when that plane slammed into the building and he still went in. He was in that building when the first tower fell, killing his older brother NYC fireman Thomas Haskell, and still Timmy stayed to help others. He died selflessly, a true hero. Timmy loved life, he was fun, he was beautiful,he was loved. And we all miss him more than words can say.
-- dawn (Sister {})
08 Apr 2002


I miss your brothers, Tim and Tom a lot. Tom spoke about you and your family a lot. Tim, of course was always "busy".... :) but had the funniest sense of humor that made me laugh always. Some time has passed, but I will always remember them even when I am an old lady, and I pray for your brother Kenny, your mom, you and your family, Tom's wife and his girls, and all their friends because so many people miss them. So much time later....I still can't believe it to be honest and it hurts the same.

-- Debbie (Friend {})
02 Apr 2003

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