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Timothy John Hargrave
Age: 38
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Readington, NJ
Resided in: New York
School: De Paul Catholic High School
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He was and is more than ever my inspiration. The way he lived his live is an example to everyone who met him. I miss him greatly.
-- Chris Shelley ()
07 Nov 2001

From NY Times Nov 24, 2001

'Soccer Dad'

Timothy J. Hargrave - known to all as T. J. - started working at age 6 and didn't stop until Sept. 11. As a child, his work was acting: he was in many television commercials, made regular appearances on "Guiding Light" and starred in a made-for-television movie called "The Prince of Central Park."

As an adult, Mr. Hargrave, 38, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. But most of his prodigious energies went to those close to him: his wife, Patty; the friends they had made as far back as the Wayne, N.J., high school they both attended; his seven older siblings; his three young daughters; and all the girls on the soccer teams he coached.

"He was passionate about everything, and he was an everlasting friend," his wife said. "Once you were in his life, you stayed there. And he was the most devoted father you can imagine. He'd never played soccer a day in his life, but he wanted the girls to be involved in team sports, so he learned. I tell them, `Some parents have their kids in soccer so they can have some time by themselves, but your father had you in soccer because he wanted to be with you.' "
-- Anon (Friend { })
06 Dec 2001

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