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Juliana Valentine McCourt
Age: 4
Worked for:
Originally from:
Resided in: New London CT
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I didn't know Juliana or her family but the loss of this beautiful child will always bring a horrible ache to my heart....her innocence and loveliness has guaranteed her "wings" in heaven. I am sure she is watching over the world and praying for us. God bless and help her family....and all of us.
-- Maureen Berry (Friend)
09 Oct 2001

I extend my deepest sympathy and prayers to Mr.McCourt, the father of this darling little girl. Although I didn't know Juliana personally, as I mother, I know little girls. God must have had a better plan for Julianna than a life here on earth.
-- anonymous ()
09 Nov 2001

I extend my deepest sympathy and prayers to the family and father of this darling little child. Although I didn't know Juliana personally, as a mother, I know little girls. God only has The Plan, and he must have had a better plan for Juliana, one which we will never understand.
-- Maryanne Coulson ()
09 Nov 2001

From NY Times, Nov 13, 2001

'Taking Miss J to Disneyland'


They were best friends, close as sisters, and they were headed to California. Paige Farley- Hackel, and Ruth McCourt were going to fly from Boston together on United Airlines Flight 175, but when Ms. Farley- Hackel realized she could use frequent flyer miles, she got a ticket for American Airlines Flight 11 instead. Ms. McCourt, who was flying with her 4-year-old daughter, Juliana, and Ms. Farley-Hackel said goodbye in the early morning hours at Logan International Airport in Boston on Sept. 11, and boarded their planes.

The women had planned on meeting in Los Angeles and taking Juliana to Disneyland. Ms. Farley-Hackel's plane was hijacked and struck the north tower of the World Trade Center. Ms. McCourt's and Juliana's flight, hijacked as well, crashed into the south tower shortly thereafter.

The mother and daughter would have been a striking pair sitting together, said Ms. McCourt's mother, Paula Clifford Scott, what with Ms. McCourt's long red hair and Juliana's blond locks. She was only 4, but already Juliana, nicknamed Miss J, displayed a little sense of wit.

"And she was a nurturer like her mother," Ms. Scott said.

Ruth McCourt, who was 45 and a homemaker from New London, Conn., met Ms. Farley-Hackel at the day spa she used to own in Boston. She gave up the business when she got married six years ago, but the friendship lasted. The two women often traveled together. They shared passions for reading and cooking and learning new things.

Ms. Farley-Hackel, who was 46 and a writer and motivational speaker from Newton, Mass., was looking forward to having the first few episodes of her new radio program, "Spiritually Speaking," hit the airwaves. She had a dream: in two years or so, she wanted to either be featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" or be Oprah's biggest rival, said her husband, Allan Hackel.

Recently, the Oprah show included a memorial segment about Ms. Farley-Hackel's friendship with Ms. McCourt and Juliana.
-- Anon ()
26 Nov 2001

I flew with my four year old from Florida to New York on September 10 2001, returning from Disneyworld and I was the same age as Juliana's mother at the time. I could not help but identify ; there but for the grace of God, and time and place. I think about Juliana a often as my daughter has grown these past three years, when my Emily entered kindegarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, rode a horse, lost teeth, took piano lessons, I would think Juliana should be doing these things too. I never knew her, never met her. Yet I mourn her and weep for her and for the wonderful life she could have had, if she had been allowed to live. May the arms of the angels be around her always.
-- Marianne Sherow (Friend stranger)
25 Oct 2004

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