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Kevin Connors
Age: 55
Worked for: Eurobrokers
Originally from: Quincy, Mass
Resided in: Greenwich, CT
College: Boston College, U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis, Dartmouth
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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This is the address to a memorial website dedicated to Kevin P. Connors.

-- Shane Connors (Father)
01 Oct 2001

From NY Times Oct 3

'Loved to Compete, and Win'

Whether it was climbing a mountain, playing charades or challenging his four brothers and his sister to a game of Monopoly, Kevin Connors would not be defeated. At work, there was the thrill of picking the next big investment for clients of Euro Brokers, where he was a vice president. At home, the simplest of family gatherings became thrill-seeking adventures. Children would be pitted against adults, and Mr. Connors, 55, would side with the team he thought had the best chance of winning.

"My brother was a voracious fan of winning at all things," said Sheila Connors LeDuc. "He once bought a boat to sail around the world. When it sank off the coast of South America, he beat the ocean by not drowning."

And when planes struck the World Trade Center, Mrs. LeDuc was certain that her brother would survive once more. Slowly, she has had to accept another probability. "This was bigger than the boat going down," she said. "I just hope he is at peace and that those of us who mourn him can come to the same peace."
-- Irish Tribute ()
31 Oct 2001

I never knew you but we share our name. I did a google search for our name and this tribute appeared. I am deeply touched that someone who shares my name was involved in the tragedy that has changed all of us. I will keep you in my heart forever as a reminder to never forget. Your death will not be in vain. Peace in the world shall flow from that terrible day, and we shall see the sun again.
-- Kevin Connors (Brother {})
15 Apr 2004

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