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Thomas H. Bowden
Age: 36
Occupation: Equities trader
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Glen Ridge, NJ
Resided in: Wyckoff, NJ
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From NY Times Oct 22

Thomas H. Bowden Jr. grew up in Glen Ridge, N.J., about a dozen miles due west of Manhattan, and, like any self-respecting son of New Jersey, he was deeply, openly and emotionally loyal to Bruce Springsteen. He once argued to his skeptical father that the Boss trumped the Chairman of the Board as New Jersey's greatest voice. How, then, to explain Mr. Bowden's love of the Boston Red Sox? Even his mother, Sheilah Bowden, was a little baffled by that one. The best she could come up with is that her son had a soft spot for underdogs.

Mr. Springsteen would understand.

Mr. Bowden was 36, an equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. He started there in 1993, the same week as the first terror attack on the World Trade Center. He and his wife, Deborah, had two children, Sara, 22 months, and Alyson, born two weeks early on Aug. 31. His family now views this last fact as a small gift from God.

One of his finest qualities, his mother said, was a fierce protectiveness of family and friends. He remained close to boys he first met in grade school. Early in the morning he would stand over Sara's crib, fortifying himself with her smile. Now, thanks to his friends, she has a necklace with a silver heart engraved with his initials.
-- Anon (Friend)
23 Oct 2001

My brother Tom had the most beautiful smile! I am looking at a photo of him right now, holding his infant daughters in his arms on his last birthday, September 2 - the day he and his wife brought their new little Alyson home from the hospital. Alyson was born on August 31. She was due on September 15, and we all take comfort that God saw fit to let them have a few days together before he was taken from us. His little Sara was 21 months old when she saw the planes hit daddy's office building on the television. Tom's family was his passion and his joy - not only his wife, children, parents and siblings - but his HUGE 'extended family' of friends. Tom loved his life, he was already planning baby number 3 the day after baby number 2 (Alyson)was born!

I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful younger brother for the 36 years he was here on this earth. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him - and laugh and cry at the memories. We shared so much, and now he is with God, looking over all of us.

Tommy, we love you and we miss you!!

Love, Kath
-- Kathryn Bowden (Sister {})
06 Apr 2002

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