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James Walsh
Age: 37
Worked for: Cantor Fitzgerald
Originally from: Scotch Plains, NJ
Resided in:
College: Kings College, Wilkes Barre, PA
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Copied from tribute from Cantor Fitzgerald:

James (Jim) Walsh

Date of Birth: February 19, 1964
Department: ESpeed
Position: Programmer/Analyst

When Kathleen Walsh Karlen adopted her son Connor from Korea -- a 2-year-old who found the transition from East to West sometimes unbearable -- it was his Uncle Jim who could calm Connor's emotional storms.

No one in the family was surprised. Jim Walsh was the fun uncle, the friend everyone wanted to hang with, the nice guy with the big heart who was never afraid to show it, said another sister, Carol Walsh Murphy.

"I'm sure everyone who was lost at the World Trade Center has somebody who says they are a great guy, but to call Jimmy great sells him short," Murphy said. "He was fun and funny, and at the same time, he taught us all how to be a little more loving."

James Walsh, 37, didn't make one last call to his family from the 104th floor of One World Trade Center, where he worked as a computer programmer for Cantor Fitzgerald, but his family said it didn't matter, "because he said 'I love you' every way possible, every day of the year."

He said it in the way he read books every night to his daughter, Caroline, who turned 2 the day the Twin Towers crashed to earth.

When news came that the Scotch Plains resident was missing, boys he knew in high school in Westfield and people who remembered him from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., called to help.

Sean McDonough, from Montgomery, Pa., recalled him in an e-mail: ". . . His friends in Pennsylvania and around the country have been warmed by his presence and will miss him terribly . . . He loved being a dad and through his relationship with Caroline, he showed me a way to be a better parent with my kids.

"We are left with the void of the thousands of people like Jim Walsh who died last week," McDonough added. "but I will tell everyone who listens about my friend Jim and how much he meant to me and my life."

In addition to his daughter, Mr. Walsh is survived by his wife, Kate; his parents, Frank and Mary Lou of Spring Lake; two brothers, Thomas of Westfield and Peter of Spring Lake; and two sisters, Kathleen Walsh Karlen of Woodbridge, Va., and Carol Walsh Murphy of Tampa, Fla.

Kate Walsh, Wife
-- anonymous ()
29 Oct 2001

Copied from Cantor Fitzgerald Tribute Site:

Jim was a constant stream of generosity and warmth.

I thought of him secretly as "The Assembler", in terms of gathering everybody he knew together, whether for baseball games, concerts or parties.

At his memorial service I thought to myself "How weird: Jim would love to be here right now. I mean, Kate, Caroline, all his family and friends assembled in one place together? Fantastic!"

It was unfortunate he wasn't. But somehow, although Jim was absent, he still managed to assemble the entire cast of his life in way place to simply say:
"I miss you, Jim".

I'll say it again:
"I miss you, Jim."

The Seth Man, Friend
-- anonymous ()
29 Oct 2001

Copied from Cantor Fitzgerald Tribute Site:

When I first heard about Jim missing I was heart broken, knowing that only over a year 1/2 ago we sat next to each other working on the Galaxy project. He was always the first one in, a pleasant person, loved to talk, and was very well liked. I was their to listen to his excitement about Kate being pregant, even though I never met Kate I felt as though I knew her. Jim had talked about how they met in England, her job, the house they bought. And when Caroline was born it seemed his life was complete. I was so happy for them, that it was my pleasure to take up a collection at work to send flowers to the happy new parents. My prayers go out to the Kate, Caroline and the family. Jim will be forever remembered in my/our hearts!!!

Andrea Carmosin, Co-Worker from ICP
-- anonymous ()
29 Oct 2001

Copied from the Cantor Fitzgerald Tribute Site:

When Jim first came to England to meet what became his new family we thought that he was a very quiet and shy young man. When I spoke at his wedding to my daughter Kate and said so, his familoy couldn't contain their mirth. I soon began to know how much Jim enjoyed life and what fun he brought to it.
He was much more than a joker. He was a loving husband and a dad who doted on his daughter. At the wedding his father described him to me as a good citizen, a term that has more resonance in the US than in the UK.
He was a fine young man whose high moral standards I came to admire. I was proud that he was my son in law and I will miss him.

Tony Webster, Father in Law
-- anonymous ()
29 Oct 2001

James Walsh will be trully missed. I just received the sad news yesterday from a friend from the New York City Board of Education's Galaxy project. Jim was one of the nicest and most caring people I have ever met. I remember the hard work he put out by staying late to get the job done. We will all miss James very much. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

-- Abdiel Delgado (Co-worker {})
10 Apr 2002

I just discovered this website. While I appreciate the tributes to my husband, it seems kind of silly because he wasn't Irish, he was American.
-- Kate (Wife {})
22 May 2004

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