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Walter Hynes
Age: 46
Occupation: Captain of Ladder Company 13
Worked for: FDNY
Originally from: Jackson Hts., NY
Resided in: Belle Harbor, Queens, NY
School: Msgr. McClancy H.S.
College: John JayCollege, St.Johns U.Law School
Submitted by: Irish Tribute ()

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From NY Times Sep 19

'Handyman and Lawyer'

Capt. Walter Hynes was the person his extended family relied on for everything. If you needed your plumbing fixed or a room painted, Walter would do it. He would change your tire. He was the family lawyer. He even met his wife while lending a hand: he was helping another firefighter, Richard Fanning, move into a new house and was introduced to Mr. Fanning's sister.

Captain of Ladder Company 13 at 85th Street and Lexington Avenue, Walter lived in Belle Harbor, Queens, with his wife, Veronica, and their three daughters. He had worked as a firefighter in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and put himself through law school at St. John's University at night.

"He had no free time," a family member said yesterday, "because he was always doing for everyone else."
-- Anon (Friend)
23 Oct 2001

See the F.D.N.Y. Tribute at:

-- Jay Dooling (Friend)
25 Oct 2001

I knew you only for a brief moment and your kind spirit touched my heart and renewed my faith in the world. May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of his hand.
-- anonymous ()
19 Nov 2001

great man, great friend and a great fire officer, a man who lead by example. Ladder 13 will never be the same without you. Thanks for the memories.
-- Mike Heff ()
21 Nov 2001

The world is a much sadder place today because you are not here with us.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made on behalf of others. Your selfless ways made you the HERO you truly are!

Forever in the hearts of many...
-- Rockaway friend (Friend {})
21 Jan 2002

Walter, your phone message on the way to the WTC identified that you knew the danger you were entering into when you respnded to the WTC call. Still, your dedication and bravery drove you to follow the needs of the task which resulted in the evacuation of many workers from the building. The loyalty of you and you fellow firefighters is a tribute to FDNY. You will be missed by our family and all your many friends. There will always be an empty spot in our hearts.
-- Dennis Fanning (Friend {Brother=in- law})
22 Jan 2002

Walter, you are sorely missed as a friend, colleague and devoted family member. You are always in our hearts & in our prayers.
-- Michael F (Friend nephew)
22 Jan 2002

Walter, my eyes get misty when I think of you and all the good times we spent together ... you were TOPS as a son-in-law and will always be missed. My prayers are always with you.
-- Poppy Joe Fanning (Friend Father-in-law)
22 Jan 2002

Walter, you were always a good friend as well as a great brother-in-law.You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. You have a special place in our hearts.
-- Margaret D. (Friend sister-in-law)
22 Jan 2002

Walter, I knew you for two and a half years now. I know I will never stop knowing
you. You will be a hero for me and your family forever.
-- Jeffrey B (Friend {})
13 Mar 2002

...3/17/03 Til we meet again, Walter.....
-- Anonymous (Friend {})
17 Mar 2003

I cannot believe two years have past, as the memories flash before my eyes as if they were yesterday. We're trying our best to look after the girls & we are all missing you.
-- Michael (Friend nephew)
09 Sep 2003

A new year begins and your absence is more present than ever to your friends and family. You were an ever present light in our lives and brightened our days with your wit, kindness and beautiful smile. We miss you and wish God's blessings on you for all eternity. Til we meet again.
-- A friend (Friend {})
02 Jan 2004

Always and forever in our hearts.
-- A friend (Friend {})
18 Mar 2004

You are missed always and we will never forget the footprints you left behind...
-- Anonymous (Friend {})
08 Sep 2004

No day shall ever pass that you are not missed. With hearts sore, we remember the happy times and wish you blessings.
-- A friend (Friend {})
17 Mar 2005

God Bless you, Walter and your loving family both in Heaven and on Earth. Please know you will never be forgotten and are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your heroism, Walter. May God keep you in the Palm of His Hand.
-- The Corrigan Family xoxo (Friend {})
16 May 2005

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