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Jacylin jeffries
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-Like a Bullet in the Dark

It came from the sky like a bullet in the dark,
Hitting a building and lighting a spark.

Suicide bombing, hi-jacking a plane,

People died we donBt know the names.

Wondering in fear if it will happen to others,

Maybe our sisters our mothers our brothers.

The people who did it left us no clues,

We all stuck at home, crying the blues.

Will my husband come home and kiss me tonight,

Or will I tuck myself in dreaming in fright.

The twins came down they used to be tall,

The feelings we felt were stronger than all.

The pentagon was hit, leaving another scar,

We prayed to god and wished on a star.

To get on a plane we will be taking our chances,

Looking around taking second glances.

Security will change and so will our lives,

Hopefully we wonBt fear the look of the sky.

Remembering the day when so many died,

Looking back on the day when so many cried.

WeBve all learned from this mishap and its time to move on,

To lead with an example to show where weBve gone.

We will live in peace no matter what it takes,

We will fight for our freedom; weBll set the stakes.

BWeBll smoke them out of theirs holes.B Said Bush to the nation,

So we can all live in a happy plantation.

We can talk to our children, stand proud and say,

YouBre so lucky you have life this way.

Your life is so plentiful with things you donBt see,

You have no worries about war and poverty.

No terrorists to hide from, no race to fear,

Your future is respectful, ready and clear.

Better than ours, before us and before theirs,

Make the right choices and you will have no fears.

In memory of everyone who lived and died on September 11 2001

-Jacylin Jeffries

Submitted by: Jacylin Jeffries (Friend)

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