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Some of us were luckier than others. Those whose friends escaped, or who were injured but lived, those who took a different flight, those who were not in Manhattan that morning. But each one of us weep the same tears, share the grief. We have all been marked by the awful events of September 11th, and we know that things will never be the same. Don’t stay silent. Please help grow this Irish Tribute with your thoughts, stories, poems, songs, prayers ... This is not a discussion board: There is no shortage of such places for people to air their many views on the calamitous events of September 11, 2001, and their continuing aftermath. This is a site dedicated to the memory of those who died on that day. It is not a debating forum. Please respect it.

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That morning the shamrocks were red with the blood of heroes. One leaf for the FDNY, one for the NYPD, one for the PAPD.
Many of us lost so much then and still today as cancer runs across us like mad. Never forget what was given and what was taken that morning.
I am a pround member of the ground zero association and will do my part to carry on the memory and honor of 9-11.

Irish firefighters from that day and irish firefighters from supporting places now are formed up in a union of brothers we call the shamrocks of september. Unlike the ground zero association we are not on the web yet but we will be. By the side of such groups as the ground zero association, freemasons of 9-11-01, and the 9-11 families we will carry on the memory of our friends and brothers.

Irish people do ot know how to back down. Thats why we are good cops and firefighters. Our love of life and family help us to be good at the job. Our faith and love of freedom keep us going.

May the blessings of St. Patrick be upon you now and forever....
-- James O.

I should have been there... I shouldn't be here, so, so very far away. That's my stomping ground, my husband's teenage home, and now my cousins are in danger. While I am too far away to protect them, I stand watching, a woman(not so young but not so old) is falling and fear emanates from her.I stand frozen then suddenly I reach out, as if I could stop it by sheer will and catch her, but she is gone. My arms clence air as my heart pounds, Nothing is there. I should have caught her but I merely observe her death. Tears fall as prayers poured from my lips. I should have been there. I am a Jersey girl, and a friend is dead. And I am here

-- Donna Dillinger

For those of us who were there, we appreciate the ones who were truly there. In mind and in body. For those of you who lied, we will find you and you will lie in rust with other parts of machines that are meaningless and empty and only looking to fill into your lost space in our time--we pity you PL.

-- FBI

I just became aware that Dan Trant was among those killed in the 9/11 attacks. I attended Suffield Academy in 1980 and remember watching Dan play basketball for our high school team. As good an athlete as he was in that elite school, the lasting memory I have was how humble he was. He was really a "regular" guy during a time when most of us were going through the insecurities of our youth. In my limited interactions with him, I remember Dan as being a really decent guy. I'm very saddened to hear he was one of the 9/11 victims and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all who knew him.
-- Eric Schreiber

my beautiful boy, Timothy Patrick Keller died on June 23,2005. he was at ground Zero that horrific day and after saving 9 firefighters, and his captain he thought he did his job. Since he so loved the fire department I am making a special wall in my home and after giving alot of this Id like our Bravest all over the country to send me a patch from any FD or EMS patch to keep his memory alive. My son died a hero, after chronic breathing problems, my boy is now at rest, he was given a complete firemans funeral and i miss him so much.He lived NYC , I his mom lives in vernon fl, Please pass these memorial patches to me I am trying to make to honor my Timothy Patrick keller 3-17-64 to6-23-05. Any and all patces sent to me in honor for my boy i would deeply appreciate. On june 23, 2005, I left part of my heart in Nyc, Please pass this on to other firefighter and EMS workers, from all over. Thank you Gayle Keller FitZpatrick -5216A Gaston Road-Vernon fl. 32462
email- tearfuleye2@walmartconnect.com and my a webaddress for my son herosmom41@myboytim.com. thank you all and PLEASE pass this on to All our Firefighters and EMS wherever they may be.
-- gayle keller Fitzpatrick

I put an article regarding timothy patrick who died on 6/23/05 . He had chronic breathing problems and this is a result from 9-11.My letter is on this site but I was in a hurry, I am collecting FD,Ems,and PD patches from all over To put on the wall in my home i am dedicating to him. my email is tearfuleye2@wmconnect.com and for my son e-mail address is Herosmom41@ I really would like to collect as many patches as I can for him. Thanks so much , I know it would please my boy, my address is Gayle Fitzpatrick, 5216a Gaston Road, Vernon Fl 32462.
-- Gayle Keller Fitzpatricxk

Today reading in the Jems magazine I learned of Timmy's passing. I was shocked, my eyes filled with tears and I immediately went to my computer to research that information. I seen Timmy early June at a fair in Levittown with David. They both looked good Timmy was still happy and very bubbly as usual, We exchanged phone number's and hugged and promised each other we would stay in contact. Timmy and I were EMS partners in queens (Queens general hospital). We were buddies on the job as well as off the job. I left EMS after 9-11. I got married, moved to long island and had a baby Started my own life, leaving EMS behind. It took me several years to go back to batt 50 to visit, by then Timmy had left the station, And no one would give me a contact number for him.I am glad to have gotten to see him in June as I knew him. I am deeply sorry and very saddened. The old statement that the good die young is so very true. We lost a great man, a loving father, and true hero, as well as an unbelievable friend. My condolences to Timmy's family. We (I) will truly miss him. Jennifer Rodnite Ruggiero EMT-P
-- Jennifer Rodnite

In honor of my cousin: Timothy Patrick Keller. It looks like, as fate would have it, that we will have to wait to meet on the other side. I was happy to hear from you after so many years of no contact with my fathers side of the family. It is obvious that you loved the Fire Department. In the end, I know that you gave your life as a result of injuries you received from your on the job activities of September 11. Rest in peace Timmy..you are a hero to many and shall not be forgotten.
-- Wendy Alger-Lee

That day was terrible for me because I lost someone I loved very much.However it was more profound for me as I was speaking to her when the plane hit her tower. All I can remember of the day was her screaming and asking "Where do we go now where?" The urgency in her voice will forever stay in my head.I was the last person she spoke to from her family and friends.
-- Allison

I will never forget the images of those fleeing from the inferno, the smoke, the chaos, the innocent lives cut short by those filled with hatred. And the courage of the Fire Fighters! Each year, I take a special cake in remembrance of this horrific day, to my local Fire Station, to let then know that their New York brothers and sister will never be forgotten. The image of the raising of our Flag at the top of a heap of concrete, metal and who knows what else, is a tribute to the Spirit which makes America the Country that it is. May the ground be soft for all those who perished. We will never forget their sacrifice, ever!
-- Julie Corcoran Stranges

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